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Aloha, mid February of this year, Maui Net was informed by our outsourced email provider, Everyone.Net, that they were bought out by a Florida tech company called Delux Corp.  We have been a customer of Everyone,Net for about 15 years.  During our time with them, Everyone.Net had been sold twice before with neither of these sales having any effect on their service.  However, this sale/change appears to be different. Deluxe Corp has moved all the accounts of Everyone.Net from Los Angeles to a data center in Florida. They assured us that, other than usual conversion glitches, the migration should go smoothly and not require any changes in our operation or our customer's accounts.  We were informed the migration should be completed by March 4th 2022. Obviously, this does not seem to have happened.  From our perspective, it appears that all of our accounts are functioning correctly.  However, the saved messages and folders have not been completely updated. While many customers do have all their old messages and folders, others do not.  Deluxe Corp continues to claim that the message transfer is still underway and should be completed SOON although no specific date has now been provided.

As we are just a customer of Everyone.Net, we have no control over these changes. We have been in continual communication with Deluxe Corp with our complaints and requests to get the backlog of data completely transferred.  Their responses have been slow and not encouraging.  We were informed that they are now servicing over 200 companies of our size With most experiencing similar if not the same transfer issues. They are transferring 30+ million messages from all these companies and from the experiences and complaints, it appears that they did not plan it out well.

Moving Forward? The notice of the sale was far too short to allow us to seek any alternatives.  We could try to use another source amidst the migration but some customers would still be missing their outstanding messages.  We feel we are being held hostage to this company.  We will continue to do all we can to push them to speed up the transfer process.

To those who have and are continuing to display patience in this ordeal, we Thank You, we sincerely appreciate you and your kindness.  Your kind words and patience have gone a long way. Some of course are not showing patience and we understand that too as we also are having trouble with patience and understanding in dealing with this process.

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