Email Settings
There are two emai protocols, IMAP and POP.

IMAP allows you to sync the server and your computer messages and folders. If you add a folder on your computer it will also add to the server. If you delete a message from your computer, it will also be deleted from the server.

POP does not do this, when you delete a message from your computer it stays on the server If you make a folder on your computer, it is not created on the server, So, if you lose your messages from  your computer, you still have a copy on the server.  However, you can run out of space on the server if you never delete messages from the server.

 Email Address

Username (not just user)


your email password (not shown


PASSWORD (select the word from the menu)

PORTS No SSL - Unencrypted

 Incoming Host Name

Outgoing Host Name


 SSL/TLS (off)

POP Incoming Port 110

POP Outgoing Port 587

IMAP Incoming  Port 143

IMAP Outgoing Port 587

PORTS with SSL - Encrypted



 Incoming Host Name                                         



Outgoing Host Name




 SSL/TLS (on)



POP Incoming Port 995

POP Outgoing Port 465



IMAP Incoming Port: 993

IMAP Outgoing Port 587