Maui Net Email

Maui Net offers standard, full featured email service that is private and independent.  We do not monitor, sell or track your usage. No person or program is reading your messages. There is no advertising. Your data is not shared with any other entity. Our service provides modern web based access at There is no setup required for webmail so you can access your account from any computer or phone from anywhere in the world.

You can also connect to our servers with POP or IMAP protocol using any third party program such as MacMail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live etc. Since we did not write any of these third party programs you will need to configure your email program with the proper settings to access your account.  These settings are provided in the table below.  Again, we do not know all of the nuances to configure these programs installed on your computer or cell phone such as MacMail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live etc .

If you feel that you are not able to configure your device, please contact the manufacturer for the most knowledgeable help. We are not able to troubleshoot  these programs for you as they are installed on your computer or cell phone.

We have always offered limited assitance via phone in guiding you to the setup
area on your third party program but might not be able to troubleshoot any problems with your program.
Email Settings

 Account Type

POP or IMAP (existing  type can't be changed)

 Email Address

Username (not just youremail)


your email password (not displayed on screen)

 Incoming Server

Outgoing Server


 PASSWORD (select the word from the menu)


 SSL/TLS (off)