Maui Net has provided webhosting, development and email services for Hawaii since 1994.
We are located on the island of Maui.
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Email Connection Issue
The email data center has reported experiencing connection issues affecting some customers. They are working on it now. They recommend using until the issue is resolved.

Announcements - 2/17/2022
Maui Net will be migrating email services to Hostopia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deluxe Corporation. This migration will introduce you to an improved Webmail experience.
Hostpia will provision all mailboxes with your aliases, and optional mailbox-forward rules  Transfer personal address books and calendars  Synchronize mailbox folders and messages to the new platforum  Decommission the old platform on March 4th.
Users should:Log in to all their mailbox before the end February to join the priority queue for mailbox sync.
.Note: If users do not login to the mailbox before the end of February, they will need to reset their password to gain access to that mailbox on the new platform. They will have access to their new messages after 4th March but may temporarily be without access to their older messages while their mail-sync completes.

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