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The simple way to increase site usability -- 6.19.07
IDG News Service recently had a chance to talk to site usability expert and consultant Steve Krug about best practices and major mistakes in Web design.

Trillian critical security update released -- 6.19.07
Cerulean Studios on Monday released a "highly critical" security update for its Trillian multi-protocol chat software.

Congress Takes Aim at Spyware -- 6.18.07
On the surface, a trio of antispyware bills on Capitol Hill appear to be a boon for the technology industry and its customers. If passed into law, the measures would make it a federal crime to launch software that hijacks a computer to show ads or collect personal information, while giving government agencies new powers to prosecute spyware purveyors. Such laws might also clarify the distinctions between spyware and legitimate online ads, while easing anxiety among wary Web users.

Apple's Newly Patched WinSafari Springs New Leak -- 6.17.07
This vulnerability can be exploited with a malicious Web site, where an attacker can fill in a victim's URL bar with whatever address he or she chooses. An attacker can also fill the client browser window with arbitrary content.

Defamation suit tests online anonymity -- 6.17.07
The suit is being watched closely to see if the posters are unmasked, a step that could make anonymous chat room users more circumspect. It also underlines the growing difficulty of protecting reputations online as the Web is used increasingly to screen prospective employees and romantic partners.

Seven steps to better e-mail management -- 6.14.07
These days, e-mail is probably the most important communication tool for businesses. I'd even hazard a guess that in most industries, business professionals either thrive - or barely survive - based on their ability to interact via e-mail. And while it's easy to get overwhelmed by your in-box, there are some easy strategies you can implement to keep it all under control. These seven tips will help you better manage your e-mail use.

FBI to Battle Zombie Horde -- 6.14.07
You may not know that your computer is sending spam, being used as a pawn in coordinated internet attacks, hosting illegal files, or otherwise part of the malware-distribution network known as the zombie horde.

Is Your Next Web Obsession? -- 6.12.07
The new social networking site,, uses simple yes or no questions to break the ice among strangers.

YouTube Trojan steals user data -- 6.11.07
When viewed, clips on the site activate a Trojan Horse via a file called “YouTube04567”, which is then downloaded onto the user’s PC. The payload code is an information stealing Trojan Horse which is designed to grab information from the user’s PC. It then uploads any sensitive information from the user’s PC to an undisclosed remote location.

Explorer, Firefox Take Heat -- 6.5.07
Whether you're running Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, there may be new reason for concern today. Both browsers are allegedly open to a number of high-risk vulnerabilities. Debuts New Interface -- 6.5.07
The new version of implements a three-paneled design and a search technology that retrieves and ranks results across multiple categories, including videos, music, photos, news and locations, and places them on the right side of the page.

McAfee Study Finds 4 Percent of Search Results Malicious -- 6.4.07
"The State of Search Engine Safety," a recent study by McAfee's SiteAdvisor group, has some classic good news and bad news for Internet surfers. Using several automated techniques, the SiteAdvisor study determined that 4 percent of the query results offered by the major search engines lead to potentially dangerous Web sites, and the total for sponsored links is nearly twice as high at 7 percent.

Firefox flaws raise Mozilla security doubts -- 6.4.07
The Mozilla Foundation said last week it has patched several serious security flaws in the popular Firefox browser, bugs that also affect the SeaMonkey browser and the Thunderbird email application.

Twitter: Social Networking? Or Cyberstalking? -- 6.4.07
MySpace and Facebook may be giants in the digital world, but to some users they are so 2006. The newest social networking site to take off is, a micro-blogging tool that allows members to update friends and strangers on the important moments -- even the most trivial moments -- of their lives.

New RealPlayer Offers One-Click Video Downloads -- 6.4.07
With easy management of digital videos growing in importance, online video pioneer RealNetworks announced a new version of RealPlayer that the company says is the first to require only one click to download online videos and create video playlists.

Google keeps tweaking its search engine -- 6.3.07
Users, of course, don't see the science and the artistry that makes Google's black boxes hum, but the search-quality team makes about a half-dozen major and minor changes a week to the vast nest of mathematical formulas that power the search engine.

Apple criticized for embedding names, e-mails in songs -- 6.2.07
Nowadays, the secrets buried in digital music are way too easy to find, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The consumer watchdog group, which focuses on the Web, is taking issue with Apple's practice of embedding customer information within iTunes music.

Google Desktop vulnerable to new attack -- 6.1.07
Just one day after a security researcher showed how Google Inc.'s Firefox toolbar could be exploited in an online attack, a similar flaw has been discovered in the Google Desktop.

All-in-one chat clients -- 6.1.07
A look at the best 'super IM' clients -- CNET's Neha Tiwari and Jessica Dolcourt call out the pros and cons of the best-known all-in-one chat clients.

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