Electronic Mail, also known as Email, is by far the most popular application used on the Internet. Email provides the convenience of sending messages to virtually anywhere in the world, including text and images, without the added cost of an envelope or postage. Email can be interactive, allowing you to place hyperlinks to various web sites for the recipient to click on if he/she wishes. Email can also be used for collaboration by sending an attached file or document for the recipient to download and view at his/her discretion.

Your Maui Net account is allocated one FREE Email box, with a corresponding "@maui.net" email address. Maui Net's Email service will work with any POP and/or IMAP mail client. You may send/receive email via any internet browser using Maui Net's WebMail Interface.

Maui Net gives you control of your email. To setup email forwarding or filtering, simply login to your mail account using our WebMail program. Going on vacation? You can set up an autoresponder to be placed on your mail box by clicking webmail.maui.net.

Maui Net also provides FREE Spam and Email Virus Filtering. To adjust your Spam and/or Virus Filter settings, please login to our WebMail program and select the "Options" button at the left or top right, depending on the user interface.

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