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Maui Net Member Services - Tech Support: High Speed Internet for Mac OS 10.X
Settings for Macintosh OS 10.X

Before proceeding, you will need to have your Ethernet (Network)card properly installed, your High Speed Internet modem connected to your computer properly (refer to enclosed instructions), and your High Speed Internet service turned on. Please contact Maui Net's Technical Support to ensure your High Speed Internet is activated and to receive your IP Number, etc. Print and save these instructions for future reference.

Set your TCP/IP settings

  • Go to your Dock then click on the System Settings icon. If you cannot find the dock then search for system settings via the Finder. Once there click on the Network icon.

    osx1.jpg - 114kb

  • Click in TCP/IP in the Network settings window. Set it to show Ethernet or Built In Ethernet. Configure it Manually and input the IP address, Subnet Mask, and Router (gateway) address provided for you by Maui Net. Then type and in the Domain Name Servers. Type out maui.net twice in the search domains area.

  • osx2.jpg - 116kb

  • Press Apply Now and you're done. Close that window and your computer should already be on High Speed Internet!

  • Section 3: Troubleshooting Your High Speed Internet. If your High Speed Internet connection is not working, please check the following.

    1. Contact Maui Net and confirm your High Speed Internet has been turned on.
    2. Ensure that your High Speed Internet modem is connected to your computer properly by referring to the instructions provided by Verizon.
    3. Ensure that all three lights on the High Speed Internet modem are lit.
    4. Ensure that your Ethernet card is installed properly, and is operating on 10 base-T speed. If you Ethernet card is a 10/100 auto-sensing card, manually configure it for 10 base-T speed (if you are unsure of how to do this, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the Ethernet card).
    5. Ensure that the lights on your Ethernet (Network) card are lit or flashing.
    6. Ensure that all the cables are connected firmly. Reset each connection by unplugging the cables and re-inserting them. You should hear a "click" as it plugs in.
    7. Restart the computer. While the computer is restarting, unplug the power to the High Speed Internet modem, wait 5 seconds, and replug the power to the High Speed Internet modem. Ensure that all three lights turn back on.
    8. Re-check your TCP/IP settings to ensure they are correct.
    9. If your High Speed Internet connection is still not working, contact Maui Net's Technical Support at 875-2535, option 5.

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