Network Numbers and Configuration

Local Access Phone Numbers Maui: 270-1663

Oahu: 791-1663

Big Island: 930-1663

Kauai: 240-1664

Lanai: 568-1663

Molokai: 660-1663

For users outside Hawaii only. Enter your telephone number below to see if we can provide an access number near you :
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Your login name will be your username with the "@" and domain name examples: for Maui Net customers for Maui Gateway customers or for Cyber City customers

As a Maui Net subscriber, you may connect to the Internet by dialing any one of these local numbers. Each line utilizes the latest in internet technology (v.90) to provide the fastest downloads possible on a dial-up connection.

We welcome your comments and appreciate your reports on the connection speeds that you experience on the lines. Please email your comments to:

Maui Net continues to provide our customers with the most reliable, advanced equipment and technology available in the State.

Network Configuration

Domain Name
Primary Domain Name Server
Secondary Domain Name Server
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server
Incoming Mail (POP) Server
Maui Net Home Page
Email Address

Voice Telephone Numbers:
Maui -- 875-2535

Send an email message to:

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