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Setting up a new dialup connection using Windows Vista operating systems.

Step 1) Click on the start menu (1) then locate Network (2). Right click on Network then select and click on properties (3).

Step 2) In this next window, locate and click on "Set up a connection or network".

Step 3) Highlight "Set up a dial-up connection" then click "Next".

Step 4) Input your *island's dial-up number, your Maui Net username, and password. You can name the connection anything you wish but we do recommend that you name it Maui Net. Click on remember password if you wish then click on "Connect" YOUR USERNAME MUST INCLUDE THE DOMAIN NAME SUCH AS @MAUI.NET OR @MAUIGATEWAY.COM ... SO IF YOUR USERNAME IS JOE YOU MUST ENTER JOE@MAUI.NET

You can skip this step if you wish

If all goes well then you will get connected. If have not yet connected a phone line, you can choose "Set up the connection anyway.

Creating a Desktop Shortcut

Repeat step 1 and instead of clicking on "Set up a connection or network", click on "Manage network connections". Right click on your new Maui Net dialer then click on "Create shortcut". Windows will say "Windows cannot create a shortcut here. Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop instead?". Click yes. You now have a shortcut to your dialup connection on your Vista Desktop.

*Dial-Up Numbers:
Maui: 270-1663

Oahu: 791-1663

Big Island: 930-1663

Kauai: 240-1664

Lanai: 568-1663

Molokai: 660-1663

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