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System 7.5.3 Setup

Here is the list of shareware programs provided on the installation disk:

FreePPP 1.0.5
Eudora (E-mail software for electronic mail)
Fetch (FTP: file transfer protocol for downloading large files, i.e. Netscape Navigator.)
NCSA Telnet (Software used to access remote computers, can be used to access your personal account from across the country.)
StuffIt Expander (Decompresses compressed files.)

1) Insert the Internet Install Disk #1.
2) Create a folder on your desktop called Internet (Go to File/New Folder).


3) Double-click the "Internet Install" disk. Drag the FreePPP folder from the disk into the Internet folder you just created. Double click on each icon containing the ".sea" suffix. (.sea stands for Self Extracting Archive) Press "Continue" in the dialog box. Another dialog box will appear asking you where to save these"self-extracting"files. Select the "Internet" folder.

New Software!

Follow step three with the other "Self Extracting Archives."

4) Now that all of the files have been copied to the "Internet" folder, you can start working on the system. First, take the "Config PPP" control panel in the FreePPP folder and drag it onto the closed "System Folder." Click OK when the dialog box tells you where it's going. Do the same with the extension "PPP"



System 7.5.3 and "Open Transport"

For those of you who have System 7.5.3, "Open Transport" is a must. Double-click your "Hard Disk" then double-click the folder "Apple Extras". Double-click on "Network Software Selector".

Network Software Selector

You will then get this box. Select "Use Open Transport Networking".

Then you must restart.

From there, go to the "Control Panels" and select " TCP/IP."
1) "Connect via:" can be set to "PPP" or to "MacPPP" depending on what version of Open Transport you have installed.
2) "Configure:" Should be set to "Using PPP Server".
3) Under "Name Server Address:", delete anything that is there and type in "" then press return and type "".
4) Under "Search Domains: " delete anything that is there and type in "maui.net" followed by a return and type "maui.net" again.

When you are completed it should look like the following.

Click OK and restart your computer.

Now you need to configure your PPP. Go to the "Apple Menu," the Apple in the upper left corner. Scroll down to the "Control Panels". Scroll to the "ConfigPPP" and open it up. Your settings should look like this:

The Idle Timeout (minutes): indicates the amount of time your computer will stay on when there is no activity. Many set this at 30 minutes, thus closing the connection after thirty minutes of inactivity.

Click on New... A box will pop up and ask you for a PPP Server, put in "maui.net".

Click OK and then click the "Config" button.

For the port speed, set it to the number nearest to your modem speed. For instance, if you mode is a 14.4 select 19200 and if it's a 33.6 the select 38400.

After you fill out all the fields, click on Authentication...

Under "Auth. ID:" type your "user name" and then enter your password. Click OK and then click Done.

To connect to the Internet, make sure you are in the "ConfigPPP" control panel and click Open.

If everything goes right, this box should come up. Right before this box closes you should see it reach a "Successful..." announcement.

Congratulations, you are connected to the Internet.

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