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System 7.6 and System 7.6.1 Setup

To configure the dialer for System 7.6 and System 7.6.1, you will need to change or configure three control panels. Plus, you should have Open Transport 1.1.1 or greater. If not, go to Apple Software Downloads. If the following is not on your system, you will need to "Find" it. Usually, it is in a folder called "OT/PPP" or "NetInstall". Install this on your system and then the control panels will be set into place.

First, the familiar TCP/IP control panel will need to be reconfigured slightly. Click on the Apple Menu in the top left corner, scroll to Control Panels and select TCP/IP. Set it up as follows:

Second, the Modem control panel will need to be changed. Notice you will have to select your modem from a list of modems. If your modem make/model is not listed, choose Null Modem.


And finally, the PPP control panel.

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