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FreePPP Configuration

1-From the menu bar, click the Blue Telephone located on the left of the Finder.

2-Click the triangle in the lower left hand corner to expand the window.

3-Click the General tab.

4-From the Connect to: list, select New Account...

5-In the Account name text box, type Maui Net.
6-Select Directly from the Connect list.
7-In the User name text box, type your Maui Net username . 2. Your login name will be your username with the @ and domain name examples: username@maui.net for Maui Net customers username@mauigateway.com for Maui Gateway customers or username@ccmaui.net for Cyber City customers
8-In the Password text box, type your Maui Net password.

9-Click the Dialup tab.
10-In the Area code text box, type in 808.
11-In the Phone number text box, type in either Maui: 270-1663

Oahu: 791-1663

Big Island: 930-1663

Kauai: 240-1664

Lanai: 568-1663

Molokai: 660-1663

depending on the area of Maui you are dialing from.

12-Click the OK button.
13-Click the Modems tab.
14-Click the New... button.

15-In the Modem config name: text box, type a name to identify your modem.
For example: My new modem 16-Use the Connect to: list to select the port that your modem is connected to.
17-Set the Port speed: to the appropriate port speed for your modem.
For 14.4 modems use 19200, for 28.8 modems use 38400 and for 56k modems use 57600.
18-Set the Flow Control: to CTS only.
19-Select AutoDetect init string.
20-Click the OK button.

21-Click the General tab.
22-Click the Connect button to connect to Maui Net.

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