The rapid expansion of the World Wide Web has enabled the creation of an entirely new category of retailer -- the extended enterprise that markets its products or services online. By selling directly to the consumer, companies are able to bypass the usual dealer sales channels, boosting profit margins and lowering operating costs.

Click on the links below to learn how your business can establish an effective, and profitable online presence with exposure to a world-wide market! Ala carte, or packaged together, Maui Net's web-developers can help put it all together for you. Contact us at 875-2535 Option 1, or via email at

Establishing An Online Presence
Domain Name Registration & Hosting
Get a .com or a .net that is descriptive of your business, and easy for your customers to remember. Start your online business with instant legitimacy and professionalism by purchasing a quality domain name.

Secure Transactions
The popularity of the Internet has resulted in a variety of scams, fraud, and online identity-theft. As a result, customers must be assured you are a legitimate business that will minimize their risk with secure (encrypted) transactions. Encourage the "buy now" impulse with the Internet's standard of a trusted website. Protect your website with a Secure (SSL) Key.

Promoting Your Online Business
Maui Net's Online Portal
Expand your business exposure on our new Maui.Net web site. Don't hope people find your business by accident. DRIVE traffic to your web site via Maui's #1 Travel related Portal.

Internet Search Engines
Most people will learn of a new website via an Internet Search Engine. However, you need to inform the Search Engine that your website exists. To do so, you will need to visit each Search Engine you want to be listed in and submit your information. Yes, it is time consuming, but it is well worth the investment in time and energy.

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