Domain Name Registrar Transfer Request

If you previously registered your domain name via Network Solutions (Verisign), Dotster, Register.Com, etc., YOU MAY BE PAYING TOO MUCH. In partnership with Bulk Register/Enom, Maui Net now offers Domain Name Re-registration at just $15.95 a year

Maui Net is currently able to transfer domain names from the following registrars:
  • Network Solutions (Verisign)
  • Dotster
  • DomainDiscover
  • DotRegistrar
  • Enom
  • Register.Com
  • Melbourne IT/Internet Names
  • Worldwide
  • Tucows/OpenSRS
If your domain name is already hosted on Maui Net, and you would like to re-register your domain name through us, please complete the following form. You will then receive two e-mails, one from Bulk Register/Enom, and another from your current domain registrar. Simply follow the instructions included in the emails, and you will receive confirmation that your domain has been "moved" successfully. That's it! Your domain name will be re-registered and hosted by Maui Net, and billed to your account accordingly.

**All fields are required** (All prices subject to 4.016% Hawaii General Excise Tax)

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Domain Name to transfer:
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(obtain from your current registrar)
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