Dial Up Accelerator Plus

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Dial up can now be faster than ever before! Webcelerate is the next best thing to DSL Broadband, dramatically increasing your surfing speed on the Internet up to 5X FASTER! Pages that previously took 30 seconds to load can now be viewed in less than 7 seconds, on average, and sometimes even faster.

Webcelerate also includes three additional key features to help make using the Internet more enjoyable:

Pop-Up Blocker
Block virtually all pop-up and pop-under advertising as you browse the Internet. No more irritating windows opening when you didn't ask for them.
Ad Stopper
Stop in-page ads from loading and view only the information you want. You didn't ask for advertisements, and you shouldn't be forced to look at them either.
Download Manager
Propel Accelerator will transparently accelerate downloads of most file types, including MP3s and executable files. Webcelerate speeds up file downloads in three ways: 1)by checking for file mirror sites, 2)by segmenting files for parallel downloading if possible, 3)by retaining partially loaded file data.

Get your PREMIUM UPGRADE today and accelerate your dial up connection!

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Complete and submit the form below. You will automatically be directed to your start page at www.my.maui.net, where you can login and start customizing the content. In 15 minutes, you will also be able to take advantage of the rest of your Premium Services!

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