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Your Maui Net account is allocated 50 MB's of web space to host your own website. Included in your Premium Upgrade is a Personalized WWW Sub-Domain for your web space!

What's the big deal?
Without a sub-domain, your default website address is (pronounced www-dot-maui-dot-net-slash-tilde-yourusername). BUT, with a sub-domain, your website address now becomes! It's a lot easier for you and others to say, and remember!

Can I get a regular domain name, without the extension?
Sure you can! Maui Net can register your Domain Name at special member pricing ($12.00 per year), and actively host your domain name for $10.00 per month (please note there is a one time $50.00 setup fee). Domain REGISTRATION gives you the rights to use the domain name. To make it work on the Internet, it also needs to be actively HOSTED.

To register and host your domain name, please visit OR, you can continue to use your Personalized Sub-Domain included with your Premium Upgrade.

Get your PREMIUM UPGRADE today and start using your own WWW address!

How do I signup?
Complete and submit the form below. You will automatically be directed to your start page at, where you can login and start customizing the content. In 15 minutes, you will also be able to take advantage of the rest of your Premium Services!

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