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Digital photography has quickly gained popularity in recent years. Maui Net has created My Photos to enable you to share your digital pictures easily with your friends, family, and associates. My Photos will work with any digital format pictures, even scanned images or photos on disk.

Included with your Premium Account, My Photos includes the following features: No longer does your email have to include huge file size photos, or larger than screen width pictures. My Photos will automatically re-size your pictures so they are entirely viewable in your email. My Photos will also optimize the file size of your photos resulting in shorter download times for your message recipients, essential for people with dial up connections to the Internet.

With My Photos, you can also do the following: Get your PREMIUM UPGRADE today and start managing your photos online!

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Complete and submit the form below. You will automatically be directed to your start page at, where you can login and start customizing the content. In 15 minutes, you will also be able to take advantage of the rest of your Premium Services!

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